March 21, 2012


so, I've come down with a fever...
A tattoo fever. I'm on Pinterest everyday looking at tattoos and dreaming up my next one... I love tattoos. I think that tattoos are a beautiful form of art and self expression. I have three tattoos. Each one of them have specific meaning and help tell some amazing stories. I believe one day that tattoos will be more accepted in society... At least I hope so....

First tattoo. This one was one that I planned for 3 years and I went to a friend from Forever Yours Tattoo in Douglasville, GA. My mum promised me that she would let me get a tattoo but I had to wait til I turned 18. This represents my passion for worship. I believe that my purpose of God's kingdom is to be a worship leader. So the "tree/cross" represents God and the sheet music represents worship.
Thanks Dave!!! Miss you and your beautiful family. I'll be road tripping to Maryland soon for another session!

This was my second. It a pretty spontaneous tattoo. My best friend, Scottie, and I were out driving one day and decided that we had wanted a simple tattoo. These words had been on my heart about a month before I got the tattoo. So I went to Ink Rush in Villa Rica, GA and paid $40 for this beauty. This one gets the most questions but it has the BEST explanation. Jesus is grace. Rest in Him.
Dear, dear.

And last but not least, 3. This one has to be the one that hurt the worst. I got it about a month and a half ago at 13 Roses Tattoo Parlour in Atlanta, GA. I got this after going to Passion Conference in Atlanta, GA. We were informed of the severity and common knowledge of sex trafficking in Atlanta, my home city! I was amazed to find out how common it was. There are over 27 million modern day slaves all over the world and to know that MY city is known to be a major city for it made my heart break. So, there is when I started getting intentional with my freedom. Rescuing and restoring these girls is my heart. So, this tattoo is for that.
My heart is for seeing those girls get out of the slavery and find restoration and love from Jesus, also I see Atlanta becoming the City on a Hill that it talks about in Matthew. 

SO there they are!! Go get tattooed and be beautiful. 

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