March 11, 2014

Where I've been

It's officially been a month since my last post and I can't even wrap my mind around how fast this past month has gone! To let you guys on where I've been and what's been taking my attention off of Flourishing, here's an update!

My husband and I have had the amazing opportunity and privilege to start working for a dear friend who started his own furniture company a few years ago called Lamon Luther. We are definitely more of the creative heads to the company and not the carpenters, but Micah likes to get his hands dirty in the shop every once in a while. Lamon Luther is more than just a furniture company though. They take reclaimed barn wood and handcraft the most amazing tables, breadboards and other awesome home goods. The best part about it is the employees we hire are either homeless or recovering from year long programs who are looking to get back on their feet. It's an unbelievably awesome job to have.

Micah is more of the visual storyteller as he makes the videos and some photos for various products and interviews, and I've taken the role of the website designer and blog editor. We've had our hands full with this new and exciting journey and are loving every second of it. Sadly, I won't be able to put a lot of time into Flourishing for this season, but please follow along on the Lamon Luther blog to keep up with some inspiring posts and projects to do with your families!

Thank you for following and being supportive.

February 10, 2014

Design Process: Meghan Simmet

Remember that blog design sale I advertised a couple weeks ago? Well every single spot is booked! I'm so excited about how many new designs I'm going to be spitting out this month. This is the first one I've started working on out of the bunch. This design is for the lovely Meghan Simmet and you can find her blog here! This was such a refreshing design to do because she has a love for all things WHITE! White walls, white rooms, white backgrounds... we are on the same page with our love for white design. It also incorporates an almost nautical theme with the hints of green and blue but with keeping it mostly neutral so that her photos can stand out (like they should!)

I'm so excited for you to see the final product so stay tuned!
If you would like more information on getting your own blog design, click here!

January 30, 2014

Trending | Dresses & Cardigans

I have this current obsession with dresses. I only own maybe two but I wear them any chance I get (unless I can wear sweats, then I always choose sweats). Being that it's winter it's really hard to justify going out in just a dress with my legs and arms all exposed. People tend to give you weird looks that seem like they're thinking your parents didn't teach you how to dress. BUT I've discovered a way to beat the system. When you're wearing a dress bundled up in a cozy cardigan, not only is it way warmer but it's actually a top trending look right now. Layering has been around for a while but it sure hasn't stopped us from loving it! So layer up people so you can stay warm! 

Above are some of my favorite dresses and cardigan mash ups from my top 4 favorite stores. You can find all of these on their websites!

January 25, 2014


We have been home bodies today and decided to decorate our guest bedroom. We love having guests and we love the idea of having a room for them to stay. Sadly right now our "guest bedroom" is a twin sized bed in a corner with a drum set and a large rocking chair at the moment. Eventually the drums will have a home in our garage and we'll be able to put some more things to make it more "roomy" but for now, we'll just hang up a sick tapestry and call it a day.

Enjoy our awkward photos infront of it!