January 30, 2014

Trending | Dresses & Cardigans

I have this current obsession with dresses. I only own maybe two but I wear them any chance I get (unless I can wear sweats, then I always choose sweats). Being that it's winter it's really hard to justify going out in just a dress with my legs and arms all exposed. People tend to give you weird looks that seem like they're thinking your parents didn't teach you how to dress. BUT I've discovered a way to beat the system. When you're wearing a dress bundled up in a cozy cardigan, not only is it way warmer but it's actually a top trending look right now. Layering has been around for a while but it sure hasn't stopped us from loving it! So layer up people so you can stay warm! 

Above are some of my favorite dresses and cardigan mash ups from my top 4 favorite stores. You can find all of these on their websites!

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