September 17, 2012

Handmade Wedding Invites

Goodmorning friends!

I know... It's been FOREVER since I last posted on the wedding. But truth is, it's going REALLY well. Almost everything is done and we're still $500 under budget! We sent out some of the wedding invites this past weekend and they turned out so good! I've had a few people ask for me to post on how we managed to make a beautiful invitation without spending $300, so here ya go!

All of the supplies used in this picture were all under $70. Kraft Paper Invites came in packs of 50. So we got 3 packs for $3 a piece. Washi tape was on sale at Target for $2 for a roll and the handmade stamp was designed by a friend and sent off to a stamp making company and it only cost $50 to make! The rest of the supplies used were already in my craft area. Total we spent $61 on 150 invitations... AMAZING!


If it weren't for Micah's muscles... these stamps wouldn't look HALF as good. The stamp was tough to press on and to get evenly inked onto the Kraft paper.

I'm a typography fanatic so it was hard finding fonts that expressed the theme of the wedding as well as mine and Micah's personalities. I found these fonts on They were all FREE!
I apologize in advance and to everyone who's already gotten their invitation for the party that exploded when you opened it. We hope you have a vacuum near by :)
 And there ya go! Fun and cheap wedding invites! Also, if you haven't recieved your invite yet, don't fret. We've only sent the first 50 :)

...these are the lovely words of pam


  1. Pam--these are so precious. I think that this is such a brilliant idea and I just love them!

    1. Thank you so much! I need your address Missy!!