February 14, 2013

The First Week

This week was my first week of actual classes! They're still working on our time tables but this week was pretty much what we should expect out of the rest of the year. I have classes Monday-Thursday between the times of 9am-3pm (depending on which day it could be a little longer or a lot shorter). I only have 2 "core classes" and they're Personal Leadership and Old Testament. My Monday's consist of Vocal Workshop (which may be my favorite class!) where we work on our vocal technique and performance. Tuesdays are the core classes I talked about along with combined Chapel. Wednesdays are my Music Theory classes (where by the end of the year we should be able to write chord charts to any song we hear) and Worship Team Lecture which we really don't know much about because the majority of the class this week was just us meeting the creative team behind Hillsong Church. We got to meet JD (the long haired, jumper guy from United) as well as Jad Gillies (shaved head, AMAZING singer from United) as well as a ton more influential people that we'll be working alongside this year in the creative spectrum. I'm so stoked to soak in everything I'll be learning this year. Being in college, they speak so much LIFE into us and its so comforting to know how much they're "for us".

I also got my practical ministry allocations this week as well. I'll be singing in the Hillsong Choir every Sunday morning at 9&11am (so keep an eye out for me on Hillsong TV) as well as Street Teams on Saturday mornings. I've met so many awesome girls in Sisterhood (which I can't wait to bring the whole "Sisterhood" concept back home with me! SO AMAZING!) I know I'm rambling but I'm just so excited I can't stand it. And lastly, COLOUR CONFERENCE is in 2 weeks!!! If you don't know what Colour Conference is go to: http://colourconference.com/about and read up or watch the video below! Obviously it's a little late to attend this year, but seriously ladies, it sounds like the most amazing conference on the planet and I GET TO ATTEND/SERVE AT IT!!!!

Micah and I are having a wonderful time here and are LOVING every single one of ya'lls emails, comments, CARE PACKAGES and just all the love thats coming our way.

(Also, Micah's birthday is coming up on Feb. 26th, SO everyone should card-bomb him. If you send a card NOW, it should get here by the 26th!! Our address is:

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