March 15, 2013

Flourish BABY Flourish

Ah! Colour Conference weekends are the best weekends. The amazing part about being a female college student at Hillsong is that:

1. You get to meet tons of beautiful ladies who are empowering you to be your full potential. 
And who also just love having fun!
2. You get to serve AND attend Hillsong's amazing women's conference, Colour Conference!

The first weekend (March 7th-10th), conference 1 was at the Sydney Entertainment Center in the city next to Darling Harbor (where the pictures of the "Big Duck" happened). Every morning, every single college student, guys and girls, would wake up at 6am, hop on a bus and drive out to the city to prepare and serve 14 hour days for Colour. This week my serving was in "Key Speaker Resource". Basically me and a team of Hills campus ladies as well as City campus ladies were "in-charge" of selling the Guest Speakers merch. We sold books, to cd's, to study guides, to USB's, to bracelets... It was crazy. Keep in mind, this is a women's conference, and if I know anything about us women it that we LOVE to shop. We had books from Caroline Leaf, Wendy Treat and Christine Caine. Needless to say, EVERYTHING pretty much sold out in 3 days. Those women are so inspiring who wouldn't wanna book?!

This weekend (March 14th-17th), being a first year student I'm actually getting to attend the conference. Since it's at Hillsong Church, it's only an 8 minute drive from the house and we even get to look cute! Getting to serve was amazing in itself but getting to actually sit in with these incredible women and be empowered to be all that God has called us to be is just so rewarding. 

I hope you haven't been too annoyed with my excessive Instagramming. My data has been dropping severely these past two weeks due to my lack of wifi and my excess social media usage. OH WELL! Lastly: Isn't this shirt just adorable!? It's all about flourishBABYflourish! 

Hope you've had a lovely week, friends!

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