March 05, 2013

Inside My Makeup Bag

Today on the blog I am giving you a peak of whats inside my makeup bag. My makeup has changed so much over the years, like it has for most girls. Finding the right makeup that suits your personal taste and face is tough! Here's the basic products I've pretty much stuck with for the past year.

First (after I have a clean face) I put on a fingertip full of this Burt's Bees Moisturizer for a smooth and clean feeling. Also, I invested in this tiny eyebrow shaper. It really helps when you're a little furry in the brow and don't have time/cash to get them waxed.  

Then once my moisturizer is blended in and dry, I apply this L'oreal Visible Lift concealer. I dab on my forehead, under both eyes and a little dab on my chin. 

 Next, I blend every thing with this Sephora Bronzer. It wonderfully HUGE! I've had it for ages and it works wonderfully.

Once my face is done, I apply these two lip colors. This Revlon lip color was given to me from the lovely Meg Gleason for a bridesmaid gift!! I use it all the time. Whenever I wanna add a subtle pink to my lips I just apply some of this Burt's Bees Lip Colour given to me by my dear friend, Marie. She actually did my make up on my wedding day and gave me my own tube as a wedding gift. Every time I use it it takes me back to that day.

Lastly, I apply mascara. I have naturally dark eye lashes so mascara is a "sometimes" for me, but when I use it, I use Lash Stretcher by Sephora

Every now and then I'll paint my nails. This is the one I currently use. :)

What makeup do you guys use? I'll be ready for another change up soon! Hope you enjoyed!

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