April 16, 2013

DIY: No-Sew Turban

I have a slight addiction of headbands. I have a whole drawer at my house FULL of headbands. Shockingly enough they can be pretty pricey. Being in college and on a tight budget I haven't been able to expand and grow my headband collection so I decided to create my own. I love how big turban headbands are here in Australia. 

I've seen many DIY's on Pinterest on how to make headbands and turbans but they all required a sewing machine. So for those who are sewing stupid like myself, this is an easy no-sew DIY turban! It literally took me 2 minutes to make. Hope you enjoy!

First, grab an old t-shirt (preferably with a stretchy material) in the color you want your turban.
RIP Passion 2012 t-shirt. You will be missed.

Next, cut about 7 inches up from the bottom of the shirt for a nice, thick band.

Put the band between both hands.

Twist once.

Twist twice!

Finally connect both ends and you're done! Easy right?!

Excuse the bed head! Have a great day!


  1. aww yea so easy :) I love it!

  2. I'm gonna make you some of my headbands and send them to you. :) I'll send them with Ally this summer.

    1. Yes!!! That would be much appreciated! I'll even post them on the blog and give ya a shout out! Do you sell them on Etsy?

  3. Cute cute cute! Definitely doing this!

  4. i love doing this!! people always ask where i got mine and i feel so cool to say "its a shirt."
    usually thats all i say and let them think about it.

  5. I've wanted to make one of these forever! Now I know the secret :)

  6. I am so glad I didn't by any of these headbands at the store. I can't wait to try this tutorial out tomorrow. Thanks for posting. I'll be sure to pin it for others.

  7. thank you! ♥
    this is the only tutorial i could find that i actually understood ha, now i have a cute hair wrap.

  8. The turban looks great on you. I didn't know you've gotten into DIY... great to know as now we can share our DIY inspirations and projects too.

  9. Thanks! This is such a nice repurpose of unwanted shirts (I'm sad you cut up. I rried this out and found that with less twisting you can also make more traditional style headbands. This tshirt fabric does feel like it will slide less than the regular fabric headbands I have.

  10. How do you"connect the ends" after completing the twisting?

  11. Instantantly made me a man turban. I love it lol