April 14, 2013

Document Today

Technically these are from yesterday, but we got in late last night so I'm just getting around to blogging them. Yesterday Micah and I had a full day of photos, cafes and hardcore shows. It was a lovely day, indeed. 

If you live in the Sydney area and love cafes, you should definitely check out The Baron. It's a small, urban feel cafe right outside Castle Towers Mall. The food is unique and delicious (looking). Micah and I only had a coffee and a drink but by the looks of the folks faces beside us, they loved whatever they were having. They have an assortment of coffees, beers and drinks. I had a cappuccino and Micah had a Sailor Jerry with Ginger Beer. Lovely place for a lunch date or just to get some coffee with a friend.

Later that night we went to a hardcore show with a couple of Micah's friends. I miss going to shows so this was ridiculously fun for me as well as the hubs. 6 bands played and they were all good but especially the last band, Vices. You can listen to their music here. Such great guys and they're a lot of fun. Support local bands!

Also! Exciting news is in order!! I've been dreaming up a new aesthetic for my blog and have finally mustered up the time to put into recreating the look of it. There will be a totally new design, layout and even some new features. You will be able to advertise with Lovely Words of Pam, sell some of my art,  and I'm even going to start doing blog series. You'll get to hear stories of my life, my marriage, my wedding, my tattoos, my struggles... I'm diving deeper. But don't worry, I'll still be doing fun DIY's, Street Styles and posts about my life here in Australia. 

So excited for this next season and all the fun to come! 

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