May 26, 2013

California came to Sydney

Meet Rebeka and Chase! These two love birds come from San Hosea, California and are seriously some of the most awesome people ever. Rebeka and I are in all of the same classes at Hillsong and I treasure her friendship so much. For the past 6 months she's been telling me ALL about her studly boyfriend (Chase) and how excited she was that he was coming to visit. We planned out this entire day-date a couple weeks in advance and made sure our guys knew the game plan (because if you know anything about us we're freaks about planning). Our plan was to hit the trains and head to the city after Sunday morning church. First stop was Pepper Lunch and then we would head to see the Sydney Opera House & the Harbor Bridge. Okay seriously, it's so sad that I've been here in Australia for 6 months now and I'm just now getting to see these sights for the first time. But anywho, it was the perfect day for a city trip. Perfect weather, not crazy crowded and everything was poppin'!

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