May 02, 2013

The things I've learned...

Wow, it's flipping May! I can't believe I've actually been in Australia for 4 whole months now. I feel as though I stepped off the plane just a couple weeks ago!!! 

This week has been such an eye opening week for me for so many reasons. This week, being that it's now been 4 months since I arrived, I realized I only have 7 more months to soak in as much as I can whilst being here. That may sound like plenty of time to most of you, but these 4 months passing so quickly has me freaking out! 

I've learned so much living overseas, but even more from living overseas at Hillsong College. Everyone from Hillsong represents a country, a city, a town, a village, a territory, a nation... There's so many people from different cultures, different walks of life, and they all have different dreams. I feel as though I haven't (yet) taken advantage of that. I've made friends here and there. I say hey to people as they walk by. I occasionally smile at my teachers when they make eye contact with me. But I can honestly say that the true connections haven't happened yet. I've been more of an observer than anything. Sometimes that can be the most comfortable thing to do, but definitely not the most rewarding. Like seriously... Who wouldn't kill to be in such a diverse college with some of the best leaders and not try and make as many connections and relationships as possible??

I knew college was going to be a big step for me and that I was going to learn SO much. That's true. But the main thing I've learned while at Hillsong is that Jesus was all about people when He walked the Earth. He created relationships and blessed people right where they were in life. So my new goal for the remainder of this year in college is to be all about people.

Next steps:

- Take someone new to coffee every week
- Introduce myself to all of my teachers
- Stay in constant communication with my teachers
- Take time out of my day to invest in my relationships
- Ask questions, don't just answer them
- Bless people for no reason
- Pick the brains of those who are more wise than I am
- Encourage people on a daily basis

Hope this post encourages you where ever you may be in your life. Whether it be at your work place, your high school, or maybe just in your day to day life with random strangers. People are important. 


  1. This is great! So awesome you are at Hillsong, and I believe that relationships are incredibly important. I also love what you said about asking questions, I've always heard to keep a list of questions to ask because you never know who you will have a chance to talk with or run into :)


  2. Love love love those steps! It can be difficult to spark up a conversation with someone you know little about. Remembering to ask questions instead of just answering them is great advice.
    Amanda @ Darling Simplicity

  3. I love this! I'm an observer too so I have to be really intentional about putting relationships first- it can be so hard sometimes! This is convicting for me at college- especially with my teachers. I might join you in trying to introduce myself to my professors and pick the brains of those wiser than me. Great practical action steps.