July 20, 2013

Hooray! An Australian Tea Party!

This beautiful Australian babe was celebrated today for her 25th birthday! Naomi and I are in the same tutorial classes and have bonded over her love for country music and fashion. She threw the most adorable tea party for all us ladies in her life. It was decked out and just knowing how adorable she is on a normal day, I just KNEW I needed to bring my camera to capture all this cuteness. Her and her mum made so many delicious pastries and snacks along with some yummy assortments of tea. It was so much fun getting to dress up and have fun with the girls. We played a few games (which I dominated) such as "Telephone Pictionary" as well as "Heads Up" but revised to be even MORE fun than just playing with the app. All the girls who came were so sweet and from all over the world. My little blondie-bob is from Sweden and we had a ton of Australians in attendance. :)

Thanks so much for throwing the best party, Naomi!

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