July 12, 2013

Living Lovely

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Ever woke up after a morning of sleeping in, roll around in your huge down comforter, make that weird moaning noise, fling your arms up for a cat-stretch, slowly work your way out of bed to the closest mirror and then scare yourself from that hott mess of bed head and those huge bags under your eyes? Doesn't exactly make you feel lovely. If you just read all of this and don't relate at all, I'm going to direct you to www.imindenial.com. Kidding of course. But seriously. There are days when I wake up and just don't feel lovely or feminine. So, I started making a list of things that I can do to literally make myself feel better when I just don't feel it naturally.

1// Wear cute PJ's to bed.
That way when you wake up looking scary, your PJ's make up for it as well as making you look adorable and dainty. (Plus they just make you feel good!)

2// Wake up and make a cup of hot tea in your favorite coffee mug.
Tea is therapeutic and since I've been living in Australia, I LIVE BY IT! Since instant coffee makers are like a thing of the past here, I've learned to replace my coffee addiction with hot tea. It's better for you and DELICIOUS!

3// If you don't have anywhere to be, take a bath instead of a shower!
Baths always make me feel like royalty? Don't ask why cause you're really just soaking in your own nastiness but if you put that thought in the back of your mind, you'll be set.

4// Get ready in the morning listening to some good music.
My recommendations are: Avalanche City, Ben Howard, Brooke Fraser, Ellie Goulding, Katie Herzig, M83, Radical Face and Tegan & Sara... Listening to music can determine your mood for the day. Scary but true. Wake up listening to GOOD music will ensure a GOOD mood.

5// Before you leave the house for the day, don't forget to put on perfume.
There's nothing better than smelling good. Shoot there's even days when I'm just sitting around the house all day cleaning or blogging when I'll do a squirt of perfume just to smell good.

6// Lastly, keep a decently clean house/room.
Waking up in a mess will almost ensure your day to start off stressful. You'll either trip or something, won't be able to find your keys or will put your hand in something sticky on the counter. (Trust me, all things have happened to me... it sucks)

Hope these work for you like they do for me!

What things do you do to make yourself feel lovely? I'd love to read your responses!!

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  1. A great cup of coffee with serious horror films makes me happy Pamela. Well making a great cup of coffee for myself is the best thing i do every day to boost myself.

    Finn Felton

    Kopi Luwak