September 28, 2013

Smoothies, photos and a dance party

Micah and I had a few hours of free time a couple of days ago and decided to take advantage of this lovely Australian summer sun and visit our favorite park to chill and maybe take some photos. We went exploring and found some (not very good) graffiti underneath an overpass. We had some Boost smoothies. He had Mango Magic and I tried Lemon Blast (not a fan). We took some photos, had some laughs and then hit Micky D's for a 30 cent cone. Even though we didn't have the whole day (due to work), we took advantage of the time we had and made it all about each other. That's the key to life. Haha, okay maybe I'm exaggerating but you get what I'm saying. I can't believe next month is our one year anniversary! Eek!

For our one year anniversary we are about 80% positive we're going to New Zealand! Seriously!! This year, Micah has had the amazing opportunity to do a few films for the New Zealand based clothing brand, Stay True. You've probably seen their amazing shirts on the blog before like in this Street Style post here! In October they're launching their own store that will house New Zealand clothing brands (such as Stay True) and they've asked Micah and I to come document it! What an honor and amazing opportunity, right?! They know how to make a girl happy :) 

We're considering spending October 29th-31st over there in Auckland and then a short 5 days after that, Micah will be heading back to the States! I know what you're thinking... "the heck?". Micah got (another) amazing opportunity to go on tour with, Rebuker, an amazing hardcore band from Atlanta, for The Chariot's farewell tour (as well as a few other amazing bands). He'll be capturing the whole second half of it and spending some quality time with his bestfriend, Dylan, who just so happens to be the lively bass player for Rebuker. (I'm friends with some legit people, dang!) We'll be apart almost an entire month and then we'll reunite when I arrive home December 1st! It's a big next couple of months for The Bearden's as Micah does his thing of being famous and all and as I finish up college at Hillsong. This year has been a whirlwind of adventure and excitement. I can't believe it's almost coming to an end! 

The countdown to America has begun!!

63 days left...

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