October 01, 2013

Inspiring Bloggers

I've been following Sara's blog for about 6 months now. Out of all the blogs I follow, her photography and the way she can capture every day life so beautifully inspires me so much. Not just in my own photography but in life itself. Whether she post a DIY, recipe or just some random photos of her day, she makes sure to capture every intriguing detail. If you love inspiring photography, you'll want to give her a look! 

I've been following Sydney's blog for about one year and have been so inspired by her life. She is one stylish lady. Her outfit posts are so adorable and the best part is, you can actually afford the pieces she models. Yep, this girl is not too good for Target. She's a beautiful mom and wife and hilarious author. It's easy to just skim through her blog and just look at the amazing photos but make sure you read what she has to say. She's so witty! If you love blogs for mums, fashion and good reads, check out The Daybook.

I've been following Kelli's blog for a little over a year now. Her blog is FILLED with delicate and crisp photography that just inspires you to break out your acrylics and water colours and start creating! Her artwork is what helped me discover her blog. She creates some of the most beautiful hand painted designs and is quite the photographer herself. She's a mum to a beautiful little girl and is in the process of starting her and her husbands business Long Flag which will be a store for American made brands to showcase and sell their creations!   

Sincerely Kinsey
This blogger has been on my reading list for about 2 years now. Kinsey is a lifestyle blogger from Kansas and is one amazing photographer. Her DIY's inspire my creativity and her photography is simply mesmerizing. My favorite thing about this blog is it bohemian accents and fresh design. She's a young creative and is killin' the game at everything she touches.

Who are some of your favorite bloggers?

Disclaimer: all photos used in this post were taken by and belong to the bloggers featured above

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  1. I love posts where I can find new bloggers. I've followed Sincerely Kinsey for 7 months now. Love her stuff. My other favorite blogs are A Beautiful Mess, Bluebird Vintage, Love Taza, and The Merrythought. I've just recently followed you a few months ago. Loving all your posts. I get excited when I see you have a new post on bloglovin. =)