October 08, 2013

Making Goals

I, like most of civilization, am terrible at keeping resolutions. Every new year I make some wacked out resolution to "loose weight" right before I grab another piece of cake at the New Years party before the clock hits midnight. Or one year I resolved on going a whole year without dating. Needless to say I got married that year. Long story... you can read my Not-So-Ordinary Love Story for that one. Anyways, I suck at sticking to things. So I'm making goals instead. Goals make me feel more ambitious, productive and honestly, there's wiggle room in goals. If I miss a day my goal isn't ruined, I just start back the next day. I've listed below my 4 goals for 2014. These may seem pretty simple and small but for this girl, that's how it's got to start. The best part about goal making is you don't have to wait to the New Year to begin. So here's to new goals and to accomplishment!

What are some of your goals? 
The whole year we've lived in Australia we've had to line dry our clothes. Our first house didn't have a drier so we had to hang them up to dry. The house we're in now actually has a drier but it's ridiculously expensive to run it. You hipsters think it's cool but to be completely honest, it kind of sucks. Imagine having a work uniform that got something spilled all over it and you had to wear it the next morning. The chances of you washing it, hanging it up to dry and then it being ready for you to throw on the next morning are slim to none. Especially when the weather isn't in your favor. Yep, rainy and cold days don't get exceptions. Now that I'm done dogging it, I'll tell you why my goal is to continue doing it when we return back to America where drying your clothes is normal and doesn't cost an arm or a leg. 

It's resourceful, your clothes don't shrink, they feel fresh when you put them on and your colors don't fade as fast. Although it's ten times easier to throw your clothes in the drier, line drying has it's benefits. We'll only use our drier on occasion for sheets or towels and hopefully I can convince the husband to jump on board with this as well. :)

What are your thoughts on line drying?
This is a big one. I love music and have been pursuing it for several years. Singing has always been something that I was confident in but song writing is something I've never wanted to try. Mainly because I've always been afraid of sucking at it. This year being at Hillsong and meeting so many talented worship leaders, songwriters and musicians has inspired me to give it a shot. The advice I've gotten from everyone who writes music is that "you have to write a thousand bad ones before you get one good one". So I'll start writing my crappy thousand. It's scary and it makes me vulnerable but at the same time I think I have a lot to say. My goal is to write a thousand songs. Whether they're good are complete crap, I want to write music and make it a habit. 
Oh, the joys of reading! The older I get, the more I've thought I should take up reading. I mean, that's what makes you a true adult, right? I've always looked at reading in a bad light. Like for instance, you must be super boring and have no life to be reading a book instead of watching a movie with your friends. But if I'm honest, I think I've just always been too lazy to commit to a book and to be really honest I've never even made it all the way through one single book... EVER! So that's why I've decided I'm making it a goal to make time to read. But not to just suffer through it. To LOVE reading! I've already made a list of books I'm buying the second I get home but my goal is to start a library in my office at home. Obviously it would start out small but I just want to be surrounded by stories in my creative space. 

Any book recommendations? My favorite book topics (I think?) are: 
Leadership, biographies of influential women, marriage, creative business, christian faith, etc.
This one is my favorite and no one will have to try and talk me into it either. I love traveling! Micah and I have a list of several countries and States we want to see before we have children, once we have children and before we get too old. The reason this is a goal is because it's not cheap to travel. So my goal is to see 3-5 states a year and maybe even a new country. I want to start a traveling savings account and make it a priority (along with our tattoo fund, haha!). Now that I have to many friends from all over the world, it has to happen.

Some of the places we want to visit soon are:
Alaska, California (San Jose), Missouri (Springfield), Texas (Dallas), Canada, Switzerland and New Zealand.

Where are your dream States or countries to visit?

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  1. I love that you posted these now, instead of when the new year rolls around. Reading is on my list of goals, I've never been one to stick with a book and be captivated by them.

    It's nice to see you are going to travel to Springfield! That is where I am:)

  2. UMMMM if you come to springfield, we all are getting together.

  3. you can come live in my place if you visit switzerland. I would love love love meeting ya!

  4. you should def just start songwriting...don't over think it...just let it come naturally :) also i feel the same way about reading...its what adults do! im not sure if im ready to grow up that much yet :)

  5. You should try reading the book called "The Giver" its a very easy read, but the book is definitely captivating and easy to get lost in. It doesn't exactly fit in your categories of what books you like because its fiction, but it definitely helps you appreciate more your own world and the freedoms we have