December 16, 2013


Hello friend! I hope you're getting so excited for the holidays coming up. I realized the other day I have been so caught up and just flat out busy with work, the new house, family and friends (which are all great things to get caught up in) that I haven't updated you guys on life back in America. 

Well, Micah and I are currently located in Atlanta, Georgia after spending the last 11 months in Sydney, Australia. We live in a blessed 3 bedroom home in a quiet neighborhood and we've been working on making it our own since the day we got back. A lot of people I tell that to kinda look at me weird like "don't you have better things you could be doing then spending so much time on making your house look pretty?" but for Micah and I, having our own home (for the first time ever!) is something so incredibly special and we value home therefore we make a priority to create a space that expresses our love for it. Throughout the next few months, I'll be posting some "home updates" and show you guys some fun projects I've been doing to the house. :)

Micah and I have made our home church, Grace Midtown, in East Atlanta and we ABSOLUTELY love it. The worship and the message are amazing every week and the people are just so lovely. It's such a raw environment and it's flourishing with young people who are dying to see change happen in their city. We love calling this place home. We plan on jumping into a volunteer role (of any kind) soon but for right now we're just attending with our friends and enjoying church from a different perspective for the first time in a long time. :)

Jobs? Yep, Micah and I have escaped struggle street and are employed! I am working part time as a gymnastics instructor/office receptionist over at Douglasville Gymnastics and part time doing something else that I absolutely love and can't wait to tell you about after the New Year! Eek!
--stay tuned--

I'll end this post with a list of things I missed about home:
  • Chick Fil A!!!
  • Stores being open past 5pm
  • Dollar Menu (like, actually a $1 menu)
  • My little cousins being only 30 minutes away
  • The rest of my family only being 10 minutes away
  • Taco Bell only being 5 minutes away
  • FOREVER 21!
  • Meeting up with old friends
  • A cold winter
  • My adorable kitty, Princess Tiger Lily

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  1. i miss atlanta... living in the netherlands and i can't wait to get back. go downtown near Buckhead to Octane Coffee...!