October 25, 2011

Shopping Smart: Tips and Insiders!

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I've gotten bad about blogging everyday due to the stupidness of our family computer. For some reason, it can do everything else except what I want it to do. LAME!
Anyways, I don't know about you guys but I'm a total bargain shopper. I hate buying things full priced. Literally 80% of my closet comes from Goodwill, Ross, Marshalls, Thrift Shops, Plato's Closet, or sale racks from different stores. If you have a creative sense of style, there's absolutely NO need to spend thousands of dollars on clothing. At least, thats my opinion.

So, because of my love for bargain shopping, I've come to find that my new favorite place to find cheap yet fashion forward clothing is Plato's Closet. If you've never heard of it, its like a high end consignment store. You can take all of the clothes from your closet that you haven't worn in years, sell them to Plato's and then buy you a new closet! There are tons all around the Atlanta area. Some are more strict than others. For example, Douglasville's store will probably buy more of your older seasoned and off brand clothing and Marietta's store will probably only take newer, in season and brand named clothes. Just depends.

Being such a frequent shopper, I've discovered all the best ways to sell and buy from Platos. I've had many different people tell me that they cleaned out their closet, had 3 HUGE trash bags FULL of nice clothes, took it to Plato's and they hardly bought anything!! So here's some tips on how to make your trip the most successful.....

1. When considering taking your clothes to Plato's, have the state of mind that this will be EXTRA money you'll be receieving.

2. If you have any type of attachment to your clothing, don't sell it or expect getting the full price your items were worth when you bought them. It's almost like a garage sell. You get what you get.

3. Don't take tons clothing in one visit! One bag full will be enough for one time. Plato's can't afford to compensate you for 3 huge trash bags of clothing at one time, even if everything in them was awesome. When you take smaller bags, they'll take time to consider every item, and possibly end up buying all of it!
(Example: Today I took one small bag of 14 items in because I was in need of gas money. It had 2 scarves, 2 pair of shorts and 10 shirts. They ended up buying ALL of it for $38.04! Thats awesome.)

4. Get to know the workers their. They determine your fate. If they know you and most of all like you, they'll more than likely help you out. I go about once or twice a month just to look and I sell about once every 2 months. They know me by name :)

5. Ask for a punch card! Everytime you sell or buy $10 worth of clothing, they punch a hole in your card. After 10 punches, you get 20% off your next purchase! MORE SAVINGS!

I hope this excites you and gets you thinking shopper smart. :) I love getting tips on how to save money when shopping. Especially on clothes!!!! Have a great night!

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