January 26, 2012

Hillsong Update: 1

Aussie Heart Donations 
is now up and running on my blog! 
When I was thinking of ways I could best raise the money I needed to get all the way to Australia, I knew that I needed as many avenues for people to use. The two options right now are online giving (to the right) or mail giving. If you're reading this and you have absolutely no clue as to why I'm even talking about giving and money... I've attached a letter informing you on the exciting things about to start happening in my life. The Lord has been so gracious with His blessings and I can't wait to see how this next year leading up to me leaving turns out! Support letters are hopefully going to be sent out sometime in early February to all my close friends and families and the support video should be up on my blog, Facebook and Twitter sometime this week!
Please pray for me and the future of my generation as we take on God's calling for our lives. He's called everyone to do a part in the growth of His kingdom. :) 

SO, once you've read the letter and are informed on what the cause is, if the Lord is leading you to give or if you just want to help a broke chick reach her goal... You can donate with PayPay to the right of the screen. It's super easy and your money is safe! Thank's in advance, friends. Your faith and belief in me is very much appreciated. :)


Dear friends and family, 

      I hope you and your families are doing fantastic! Some of you receiving this letter haven’t seen me in months and some of you probably saw me yesterday. Either way, I just wanted to reconnect and fill you in on some of the awesome things happening in my life.
       I’m currently going into my fourth year working part time at Douglasville Gymnastics and Cheerleading and I love every second of it! Along with my gym job, I’m actively involved in the morning service worship, college ministry and service programming at Crossroads Church. As many of you already know, I graduated high school this year! While most of my friends took on their first semester of college this fall, God had a different plan for me. I had a bigger dream, which brings me to why I’m sending you this letter .
        God put a strong passion for worship in my heart a few years ago. I never knew how he wanted me to go about pursuing it until recently. He revealed to me that His purpose for my life was to become a worship leader. Not just a worship leader who sings every Sunday morning in a church, an evangelistic worship leader. My dream is to be able to travel all over the world, to 3rd world countries, poverty stricken cities and share with them the heart of worship. So, through some intense talks with my parents, fellow worship leaders and a lot of prayer, I’ve made the bold decision to take some faith-led steps toward my calling.
        I applied to Hillsong International Leadership College in Australia around late September of this year and got accepted on November 11th. Yep, across the world! I will be there from January 2013 until December 2013, working to gain my certificate in Worship Ministry and Music. Hillsong is a school of excellence and it has a huge heart for the growth of God’s kingdom. This year in Australia will provide me with the basic skills and knowledge to become a spirit-led, radical worship leader. 
     More than anything, I would value your prayers while trying to get there as well as while I’m attending. I believe whole heartedly that god answers prayers and I’m asking you to pray for safety, good health, smooth travel and financial support. For all of you forgetful people, like myself, I’ve attached a prayer card. Just knowing that you’ll be praying will give me peace as I chase this calling for my life.  
      Beyond your prayers, if you are feeling led to help me by financially supporting me, I would be forever grateful! Unlike colleges in the States, I can’t apply for scholarships, student loans, or gain any type of financial aid. The money has to be raised prior to attendance. I have to raise a total of, hold your breath… $21,000 by July 2012. Although this number seems unobtainable to most, I know that my God is able. So, if you’re feeling led to give, I’ve attached an “Aussie Heart” payment sheet to this letter letting you know exactly where and what your money will be going towards. 
Thank you so much for your time and prayers.
For His Kingdom,
Pamela Molton

Aussie Heart
Aussie heart is a fundraiser to help raise money for Pamela Molton to attend Hillsong College. She is a young woman full of passion, a heart for worship and a desire to see lives being changed. She lives with her parents, Robert and Dianne Molton, and she along with her sister, Anna Molton. Pamela works part time at Douglasville Gymnastics and Cheerleading, babysits almost every weekend and does small jobs aside from those to pay her bills. She’s a hard worker and has such a giving heart. 
She has to raise a total of $21,000 by July 2012. A total of $6,000 has to be raised as soon as possible so that her spot in the school can be held. She opened up a separate savings account which she named “Aussie Heart” just for this purpose. She’s been putting every extra penny she earns after paying her bills into the account. Her personal goal is to have raised $6,000 on her own by time to go. Even though that number seems silly and unobtainable, she knows that God is able. 
She wants to stress to you that you should feel in no way obligated to give. Give to the cause and the outcome. Most importantly, she wants your prayers. Prayer is more powerful than finances. 
Here is a list of the finances she needs to raise. Pray over this list, and if you feel directed to towards any one need, you can e-mail it to pamelamolton@gmail.com
Thank you in advanced.
For His Kingdom,
Aussie Heart
HILC Finances 2012-2013
One year’s tuition - $5,300
Health Coverage for one year - $470
Student Visa + work permit - $590
Passport - $150
Flight (1-way trip) - $1,800
Living Expenses for one year - $12,000
(Rent, food, transportation…)
Special Needs:
Pamela will only be given a twin sized mattress when she arrives in Australia. The rest of the furniture for her home will have to be purchased upon arrival.
As of right now, Pamela does not have a personal laptop. She shares a computer with her family. The college strongly recommends for every student to have a laptop when they come. It will make writing papers and going work easier for the student.
Cell Phone…
Because international phone coverage is so expensive, Pamela is going to have to get a on her own phone plan while in Australia. 
How to give:
You can give by sending a check made out to “Pamela Molton” to… 
756 North Burnt Hickory Rd.
Douglasville, GA 30134
You can pay via PayPal at…
Your money will be going straight into the Aussie Heart savings account and will only be handled by Pamela herself. Thank you again. Your donation is greatly appreciated!

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