January 27, 2012

19 Goals for 19!

January 28th, 1993.If this date doesn't ring a bell to you, shame on you! Kidding :) this is the day I was born! Tomm. I turn the big 19. Yep, doesn't sound exciting to you guys either, does it? My mum asked if I wanted to have a party or a dinner and honestly, I haven't put any thought into it. 18 was pretty sweet because you can finally say you're an adult, you can buy cigs (yuck), and you can go to the CLUB! HA :) okay, none of that sounds that great but you get the point. 19 is just another year in the ages.

But in saying that, I've decided that I'm going to make year 19 count for something. I'm going to make the impossible happen and have more fun than ever. So, I've made 19 goals for year 19. :)

1.   Pay off my car.
2.   Learn to sew.
3.   Start an amazing college ministry with my fellow 9 college leaders.
4.   Get a little healthier.  
5.   Hold a girls conference based on self worth and confidence.
6.   Play a BIG part in the "end sex trafficking" movement in Atlanta.
7.   Get a new tattoo. :)
8.   Train up at least 10 new singers at my church to be spirit led worshippers.
9.   Grow my hair out as loooong as possible.
10. Keep my hair one color. (believe it or not... this is hard)
11. Run a marathon.
12. Save $6,000 of my own money to go towards my Australia fund.
13. Memorize most of Romans and Ephesians.
14. Start a bible study with my sister and her middle school friends.
15. Go on a roadtrip to Springfield, Missouri.
16. Repurpose a vintage piece of furniture.
17. Blog at least 4 times a week.
18. Stay single.
19. Burp less. :)

I'll keep you updated on my progress. ;) be praying for these goals. Esp. #3, #5, #6, #12, & #14.

...until then these are the lovely words of pam.


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