January 31, 2012

Birthday Weekend

it couldn't have been any better!
I believe to have had the worlds best birthday!! Who knew turning 19 would be so great?
My fantastic day started out by making a trip with Dylan & Karlye to Marietta for our first VN meeting. It truly got me so excited for the girls and guys attending weekend #44! It was also great getting to see my long lost buds from VN.
After the VN meeting, a bunch of us went to eat some pizza in Marietta Square. Unfortunately, there was no space to sit inside, so we endured sitting in the freezing cold. We were miserable, but it was so nice getting to catch up on life with old friends... Oh, and to make fun of Dylan's "stash". We checked out this awesome antique store on the square after we ate. They had every record ever made. I was in vintage heaven. I've been wanting the new Bon Iver record for my new record player I got for Christmas. Luckily they had it, but not only did I get to buy it for myself... I got to open it and listen to it on $25,000 worth of equipment. They have a sound proof room in the store where you can listen to your new record on some legit gear. When I get to heaven, I guarantee it will sound pretty dang close to how it sounded in there.

That night, we ate Hudsons BBQ for dinner and most of my friends and fam. came to join. It was so delightful :) the real party started when Rachel had the amazing idea to go to college night at The High Museum in Atlanta. They were doing $15 season passes for everyone who attended! Not only did they have beautiful art, they had a sick nasty DJ. Now, this wasn't the kind of dancing we do here in Douglasville. No bumpin' and grindin'. Real dancing. There were step teams, dance teams, little 6 year old girls... it was like I was in the latest Step Up movie. It was so cool! While Katie, Rachel and I were dominating the dance floor, this super cute Puerto Rican/Hawaiian guy walks up to me and very cheesily says, "Nice moves." HA! Yep, his name was Chris and he goes to college in Savannah, GA. That's about the only info I got from him. Later on during the night, I felt a tap on my shoulder. Mhmm, he gave me his e-mail on a folded piece of paper and said, "Facebook me." I died laughing. Yes, I did creep, but no friend request. That's weird. Maybe in a year from now I'll request him as a friend and he'll say something along the lines of, "Oh my gah, I've been searching everywhere for you..." just like it happens in the movies...... Doubt it though. :) a girl can dream.

On Sunday we had 2 wonderful services at church followed by yummy food at Cracker Barrel. After, Katie and I went to check out places to potentially get tatted up (tattoos). We went to a place called "13 Roses" off Moreland Ave. (I know... the location sounds sketch, but it was actually very nice and professional.) The guys were awesome, drew up EXACTLY what I wanted and offered to do it THAT DAY!? So, me being super spontaneous... I said "okay"! Here's the finished product....
"My heart for Atlanta is to see sex trafficking END and for those girls
to be restored. & not only that, but that they encounter the LOVE of my
amazing Jesus. Atlanta WILL be the city on a hill..."

Over all, I had an amazing birthday weekend. Alright, now I've got to go get some work done.
these are the lovely words of pam...

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