July 29, 2012

Our Engagement Video!

Hello lovlies!

         I've decided to start blogging once again! Hopefully this attempt actually works. Working part time at Douglasville Gymnastics and part time at Crossroads Church has taken almost all of my time! Luckily, this time I have something worth taking time out of my day and blogging about...

...a wedding.

        That last statement needed an exclamation point: A WEDDING! Eek! I'm getting married! It's insanely hard to believe that I, at 19 years old, have found the person that God created for me. JUST FOR ME! If you don't know me or my fiancé, we're already a pretty adventurous breed of people. But you combine both of our powers together, you don't know what to expect. Our parents have learned to just roll their eyes and trust God that we're going to be okay, but gladly, they support our decision of getting married. 

         This blog is going to be FULL of details, DIY's and wedding announcements. Thank you Lord for giving me a talented photographer for a fiancé. He will be taking all of the step by step photos and videos for the blog. I'll try and update as MUCH as possible. 

          I hope you're just as excited as us. We love people and have such a heart for the hearts of others. If you don't know us or would like to know more about us as a couple, watch this video. Instead of getting the traditional engagement photos done, we decided to make a day of filming at Serenbe to just let you take a peek into our lives and to inform you on ALL the details. 

Thanks for being sweet :)

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