August 08, 2012

Handmade Bouquets

It's a hott day out...
I've been meaning to blog about my DIY bridesmaid bouquets but life just got a little busy. But you know what they say... "Better late than never." So today Micah and I got together all the supplies we used to create these super cute, woodsy and whimsical bouquets.

 Here's my bouquet! :) The Bride's bouquet always needs to stand out and it doesn't have to cost a lot of moolah to do so. Mine was only $5 more than the bridesmaid bouquets. Total I spent around $75 for 6 bouquets. Not bad at all! All the supplies can be found at Hobby Lobby or Michaels in the floral section! Last piece of advice: BE CREATIVE!

 The colors of the bouquets will be the colors in the wedding along with a pretty maroon. You can thank Micah for the maroon because he is determined to wear maroon pants :) All of the bridesmaids will be wearing tan/brown dresses of all shapes and textures, of course we'll be barefoot because shoes are overrated and the guys will be wearing brown skinnies with creamy/tan button downs. They have to option of wearing a bow tie, skinny tie or suspenders to stand out as well. We have our first bridal party meeting/dinner coming up on August 19th! It'll be so much fun getting everyone on board with the details and such.
 Also, here's a shot of the BEAUTIFUL handmade quilt my future mum in-law made me! She's incredibly talented. Surprisingly, this is the first one she's ever given away! Everyone should post on her Facebook and tell her to start selling these on!
         -Thanks Marilee!

...and these are the lovely words of pam!

Photo Credit: Micah Lee Bearden
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