January 21, 2013

20 before 21

Last year, I blogged a list of "things" I wanted to accomplish before turning 20 years old. Somehow that post got deleted in my blog design transition. A lot of the things I posted were hilarious. For instance, one thing I wanted to accomplish was to "stay single for one year". Well, in that year I not only started dating Micah, but we got married as well. Ha! So, remembering how much fun it was to look back on that list, I figured it would be good to try again this year. Being in Australia gives me lots of opportunity to try new things and accomplish goals I've always wanted to! With my birthday coming up in 6 days, I'll go ahead and get a jump on the list. Here it is... my list of 20 things to accomplish before turning 21.
01. travel to New Zealand.
02. cook dinner the majority of the week.
03. go busking.
04. buy a car for less than $2K.
05. find a part time job.
06. blog once a day.
07. learn how to take photos with an actual camera.
08. create blog designs as a free lancer.
09. make long lasting friends.
10. eat healthier, regularly.
11. workout, regularly.
12. keep our room clean.
13. Skype my family/friends more often.
14. read more books.
15. create things with my hands.
16. strengthen my marriage.
17. go to as many local concerts as possible.
18. learn to swim better.
19. don't have a baby.
20. raise enough money to stay at school for second year.

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