January 23, 2013

Summerfest 2013

First night of Powerhouse Summerfest starts today at 4pm! So stoked and blessed to able to attend. Powerhouse Summerfest is basically like a summer camp for college kids ages 18-25. I'll be sleeping in a tent with my dearest Ching on Cockatoo Island for 2 nights and I'll get to meet SO many new people. Hillsong United flew in this week and will be doing the worship for us all weekend. Obviously I won't be able to blog or anything while I'm there because we'll be sleeping in tents but I'll make sure to document and share how amazing it was. I'm expecting God to completely show out at Summerfest and I can't wait!! 

Also, pray for Micah tomorrow as he goes to check out our potential car. :) 

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