January 16, 2013

Watercolour Wish List

So, I've taken up a new hobby... Watercolour!! I've been playing around with it and I absolutely LOVE it. Here's some of my favorite things to use along with some things I really would love to have.

1. First things first! I am in love with this watercolor block from Fabriano. The texture of the paper is really smooth, it's made of 100% cotton and it makes the colors look brighter.

2. This Moleskine watercolor sketchbook - The quality of the paper is great, the pages are thick and all the drawings stay nice and organized. It's larger than other regular sketchbooks but fits nice in a tote bag when traveling. WANT!!!

3. Hand Book Watercolor journal travel set - I could've used this many times while traveling. The paper is great for many techniques and I love the brush that comes with it!

4. Da Vinci Harbin Kolinsky round brushes. Mine are no where near this nice but these are absolutely wonderful!

5. My friend has been using this Factis Eraser for more than 2 years and it's the best one she's used so far. It's super soft and cleans the paper really well without leaving any marks.

6. Dixon pencils - I am using harder pencils like 2HB before applying watercolor on my drawings. The lines are a soft grey and they become invisible.

7. Micron pens - I've been using them for my black and white drawings, they are great for doodling and they work with other mediums. I like the fact that the lines don't bleed after painting over them.

8. Winsor & Newton watercolor set - it's small, compact, perfect for travel. 

9. Schmincke watercolor pan - The thing that I love the most about this set is that the colors are so beautiful, vibrant and strongly pigmented. 

10.  I like this daisy porcelain palette when mixing my colors and it cleans up very easy, even from ink. I had one of these back in Georgia. I miss it dearly...

Photo: Oana Befort

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