March 21, 2013

"Skate Style" featuring The Husband

As many of you who are common visitors to this blog may know, my lovely husband (Micah) is the guy behind the camera on the photos I post. He's so talented and gifted in this area and even better when it comes to videography! Any time I get the urge to do a Street Style post, I'll politely BEG him to come take pictures of me in the middle of some random location. He'll smile and say "okay" even though he probably would rather watch skate videos or Vimeo documentaries. Being that my blog is growing and I'm getting more time to actually put forth thought out content, I figured now would be a better time than ever to start learning a little bit about how to take a decent picture.

So, since I married such a patient and loving man, I said, "Hey honey, let me take pictures of you and then I'll edit them for my blog". His initial reaction was somewhat of a giggle but then once he knew I was totally serious he agreed. Micah is a humble guy. He likes being behind the scenes and to document from that point of view. Very seldom will he let me snap an Instagram of him looking adorable (as he does so well). So, thanks babe! You're a doll.

I'm by no means wanting to become a photographer but I do agree 100% with the fact that a good blog needs good photos. It's just something I'm taking in day by day and learning more about as I watch Micah do his thing. 

On another note, these killer shoes are Micah's 22nd birthday present from myself. Ryan Sheckler came out with these not too long ago. They're called "The Marana". Quite fancy I must say. They're made to hold up for a long time, unlike most shoes that rip and tear within weeks of skating in them. He loves them so far and recommends them to anyone looking for a good skate shoe. 
You can get them online here!

I hope you guys have enjoyed my husband and his skate skills. 
Thank you, my love, for letting me photograph you!
And if you're like me and are desiring to learn more about photography, GO FOR IT! Bettering yourself in different skills is never a bad thing. Sometimes intimidating but it makes you a well rounded person in the end. So grab your iPhone, DSLR or even your Polaroid camera and start snapping pics!

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