March 24, 2013

DIY: Tie Dye Bleached Shorts

Hello lovelies! I'm so excited to finally start doing some DIY's on the blog! This one especially because spring/summer's coming up soon for all of my American babes! I absolutely love the way these turned out. I kinda wish they didn't look so "tie dye" but I'm sure I'll try again soon!

-Old jeans or shorts
-Scissors (if you use old jeans)
-Rubber bands

Once you've cut your jeans into shorts, just pull the jean and tie little pony tails all over them. They should look similar to this. Tip: the more rubber bands you put on, the cooler they look at the end!

Fill your bucket half way with 1 part water and 1 part bleach. Just full enough for the shorts to be fully covered in water. You may need a rock or something heavy to weigh them down if they float to the top.

Voila! After about 5 hours of soaking in your bleach concoction, remove the rubber bands and then you're finished!! I love love love them and I hope you do too!

Washing tip: Wash them by themselves or with plain white clothes so they don't bleach your darker clothing and to get the "hotel swimming pool" smell out of them. It may take a few washes to get them smelling good again but they're worth smelling funny for :)

Sweatshirt: Urban Outfitters

How did this project work for you? I'd love to see photos and get feedback!

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  1. CUTE!! i really want to learn to do an acid wash on my sorts this year. so fun.