March 25, 2013

Home Adoration Pt. 2

A while back I posted some of my dream home inspiration. I was not married and didn't have my own home yet but Pinterest likes to take me into an alternate universe sometimes making me think I do. So, I daydreamed my life away picturing my perfect home. Now that I'm married and know we will have our own house again someday, I've found myself daydreaming... again. 

I'm a sucker for white walls, vintage rugs and bohemian patterns. This living room is so perfect. Just remove the pup from the picture and replace it with some kittens of course ;)

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Again with white walls!!! It just brings such a fresh and simple look to any room and since a kitchen will be where I'm spending a lot of time, I would love it to be inviting and clean. Details have always stuck out to me as well. Rugs, collected canisters, vintage bottles, patterned coffee cups. AH!

As simple as it is, it's always so much more inviting to a home when you're greeted as soon as you step foot inside. Whether it's by a beautiful painting, photo or the person who lives there. In this case it's a coat and shoe station. To me it puts off the "come in and stay a while vibe". I just love it!

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Shelving and storage can make or break a room. If it's not done right it can just look like clutter. So instead of throwing away old crates and baskets, I'm going to start a collection. Everything will have a place! 

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And lastly, bed and bath. As far as these two go, I haven't really put tons of thought into. Mainly because these are the places most people won't see. So Micah and I talk about things we want/like in a bedroom and this is generally the look we want. So glad I married someone with the same taste in design and decor as me. Although, it's going to be the death of me trying to get him to not hang skate boards and American flags all over the house! Okay, maybe a couple...  :)

What's your dream house like?

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  1. my dream house looks just like this. with a few kids and a man. (my man)