March 31, 2013

Easter Weekend

Our Easter weekend was eventful to say the least! Friday after Hillsong's 9am "Good Friday Service" my husband, myself and two of our dearest Aussie friends all decided to check out Featherdale Wildlife Park. It seemed like a great idea at first but half way into it I started feeling SO sick. Like, swollen throat, nausea... you name it, I felt it. So I managed to pet one Kangaroo and snap a pic of a Koala and then head back home where I spent the next two days doped up and resting. 

Sunday morning we woke up and SURPRISE! Micah came down with whatever I had! So all morning and afternoon I took care of him. Since we had missed so much of the Hillsong Easter experience from being sickly, we knew we didn't wanna miss the last service in the City. So we packed up some meds-to-go and headed out there. 

Overall, it was a wonderful decision to go (even though Micah's face doesn't look super thrilled). Thousands of people were packed into the Sydney Entertainment Center. There were camels, donkeys, zombies, african tribal dancers, it was crazy!!!! But seriously such a good night celebrating the resurrection of my Savior, Jesus Christ. 

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter with your families or friends or both! I definitely missed mine today! This was the first Easter I didn't get to go Easter Egg Hunting with my little cuzzos. You are all missed :)


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