April 01, 2013

Street Style | Young & Free

I'm so stoked to have my lovely friend, Jordan, here on the blog with me today! Like I said on the last Street Style post, I'm going to start incorporating new faces with new styles along with a little peek into their daily life. She's so beautiful and has such a great heart! I know you'll absolutely fall in love with her look and her story just like I did.

Introducing: Jordan Brooks!

Hat: Brixton Snapback, T-Shirt: Cotton On, Button Up/Jeans: Walmart, Shoes: Vans

Hey y'all!

My name is Jordan Brooks and I am from Marietta, Georgia in the U S of A! I am currently living in here in New South Wales, Australia studying Pastoral Leadership and specifying in Youth Ministry. I have lived here for a little over 9 months now and loving it more and more each day. Australia is such a pretty country!

On weekends, I serve in Wildlife (which is the youth group) here at Hillsong Church, and the students range from grades 10-12. Each Friday night (yes, you heard that right... FRIDAY NIGHT) there are about 500-550 students from the community that come to Wildlife. We have tribal wars, and dance parties and rock out. IT. IS. CRAZY! But that is what makes youth so fun. The youth is wild and crazy, and always has good vibes; but there are also times to dig into what is being taught. My favorite part of the nights are seeing our students hearts throughout worship. To see them giving their all and connecting with the Lord in prayer... its breath taking. 

At youth, we have this thing going on called "Young & Free". Young and Free is a worship band based out of Hillsong Youth and is coming out with their first album set to release sometime in 2013. Keep an eye out for it! But Young and Free isn't just a worship band, it is a revolution of people who are young and free. regardless of age or where they come from, they are free from depression, & bondage and walking into the light and love of Jesus.

Love what the Lord is doing here, and cant wait to see how he continues to work within Hillsong.

I had such a lovely day in the Blue Mountains with Jordan and my other darling friend Abby. We had many laughs and took tons of photos! Since Micah is still getting over being sick, I had to take the reigns on this photo shoot and take/edit all of them... BY MYSELF. I was quite pleased with how they turned out!

Hope you have a lovely week and remember.... WE. ARE. Y&F.

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  1. This girl looks like such a babe! Really love this post