April 11, 2013

Chasing Winter. Jordan Pt. 2

Today is Friday morning in Sydney, Australia. It's 9:20am and approx. 57 degrees outside. I said those last two sentences out loud with a news anchor voice. HA! The weather has been so good lately! Every now and then we'll get a random hot day but recently it's started to really feel like Fall. I've always had a love for the Fall. Perfect weather, beautiful trees, hoodies and scarves... ya know, the good stuff. I know all of you reading this from America are probably snarking at me right now being that it's been so cold there, but don't worry... we're about to trade temperatures :) 

These photos are from the last shoot I did with Jordan. She's so easy to photograph and looks good in any outfit. There aren't many but just thought I'd share a couple from last week that didn't get blogged. 

If you'd like to check out her Street Style shoot, click here!

Enjoy :) 

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