April 20, 2013

Street Style | Grunge

Lately it's been slowly getting colder and colder here in Sydney. Not gonna lie, I'm SO ready for it. My winter wardrobe is lacking so I'll have to get creative on putting together outfits but I hear the second hand shops around the city are slam packed with treasures! 

Today is our 6 month anniversary! All the married people said "heck yeah!"! It's been a rainy day so we made the decision of staying in bed. A rainy day always results in the best snuggles. We've also started watching Breakout Kings on Netflix. So far so good. We're about 3 episodes in and it hasn't let us down yet. Since being in Australia we've managed to watch over 20 movies, all the seasons of That 70's Show, Pretty Little Liars, and even managed to keep up with The Walking Dead. I know it may seem like we have just TONS of spare time on our hands, but in reality... we don't. During the day I'm at school and Micah is working. So to chill out and to refrain from going out and spending money, we watch Netflix. It's become "our thing". I also love creating art when I have the resources and learning more about the blogging community has occupied my time as well. 

To all those who supported us coming here: I know I don't post about the amazing things happening in college that often but it's seriously blessing us so much. I've learned above and beyond what I thought I would have learned by this point in the year. The people I've met and connections I've made are so diverse and just saying, I love the Swedes and the Swiss. They are some amazing people! I love this season we're in but even more stoked for the seasons ahead. Thank you!

Shirt & Dress: F21, Boots: ASOS

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