April 20, 2013

Epic Cleaning Day 2013

Today was (what we housemates like to call) "Epic Cleaning Day". I know right, why isn't every day "Decent Cleaning Day" so that we wouldn't have to have an epic one? Well, being college students leasing a home we have house inspections once every 3 months and this Wednesday is our first one! It's life or death people. Every weed must be pulled, every baseboard must be dusted, every dish must be washed and every crumb must be wiped up. We can either pass or not pass. Praying we pass cause apparently if you fail over a certain amount of times you can't renew your lease after the 6 month period... 

So yeah... 

BUT being that we're fun and adorable, we tried to make the best of this day of cleaning. My lovely housemates surprised me with their own version of the DIY no-sew turban I posted this past week here!  So we geared up in our headbands and had a photoshoot (naturally). Aren't they just adorable?

Meet Jessica
She is spunky, loves bright colors, an amazing artist and will make a WONDERFUL mum one day. It's just in her blood. Her lucky husband is Alex Beyer and he is a 2nd year at Hillsong College for drums in our Worship Stream. She works at Brothers Cafe (where my husband also works) and makes the whole place happy with her bubbly personality!

Meet Elizabeth
She is a fireball, an amazing artist, super photogenic and is the "momma" of the house. (Like it or not Liz, it's so true). Her lucky husband is Josh Stromer and he is also in his 2nd year, along with Liz, in Hillsong's Worship Stream. Josh and Liz are a powerhouse team and are always making music or art of some form. 

Meet Courtney
She's SINGLE (heeeeeey!!), a smokin hott Australian babe, lovely singer and musician, and can cook like a chef. She's the only "non-married" housemate and we love to make her feel as awkward as possible (in a loving way of course). She's definitely the first one out in the mornings and the last one home because of how passionate about ministry and friendship she is. She's got so many friends and totally brightens up everyones day.

& there's me!

Overall it was a successful cleaning day. 
The husbands are having a blast pulling weeds while we have fun snappin' pics. 
They're the best. 

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