June 16, 2013

DIY: Pocket Sweater

I recently got a gym membership, ya'll! I can't believe I've gone almost half a year without some sort of physical activity. I tried running around the neighborhood, downloading apps, and all that sort of thing but (to me) nothing beats going to the gym for an hour or so to get all your work out needs met. I found a place about 5 minutes from my house that does super cheap memberships with no commitment AND your membership allows you to bring a friend every time you go. So, basically Micah and I got a membership for the price of one. :)

With all of this being said, I've been looking everywhere for a cute little sweater to throw on over my tank top at the gym. Needless to say I haven't found anything worth spending heaps of money on so I decided to make my own!

For this project I just bought a basic grey jumper from a local grocery store for $8, some scrap fabric for $6, and the rest of the supplies I already had (thread, needles, scissors, and a washable fabric pen).

Firstly, I cut my sleeves and the band around the waist. I don't like banded waists on almost any item of clothing and I knew I would get too hot with long sleeves. Once I did that, I took my fabric and free handed a pocket on the BACK of the fabric. I then cut out my pocket and placed it where I wanted it to go then stitched it on with embroidery floss and a needle. If you have a sewing machine I bet it would work 10x's better.

Here's the finished product! 

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