June 19, 2013

Life like glitter.

Photo via Pinterest

This photo explains it perfectly. Welcome to my life. Constant and changing all at the same time. Millions of little pieces all scattered on a table that, to some, can look like a complete mess. Yet other people can see it as beautiful. It's both. I guess you could call it a beautiful mess. Recently, my life has been completely flipped. We discovered yesterday that we were moving houses! Exciting and scary all at the same time. New people and new ways of living is always intimidating. And all in the same day I lost my part time job at the cafe. I wish I could say I did something crazy in order to get fired like punch a customer in the face, but the real story is simple... My boss just couldn't afford to keep me there. When change happens in my life, it likes to happen all at the same time. It will be a pretty consistant season and then BOOM! here's a coffee, go freak out in the corner.

Exciting enough though, I've officially finished me first semester of college!! The July intake will be here in no time and that means some of my best friends will be in my arms so soon!! First semester was amazing. I learned so much and feel so empowered. My goals for next semester are basically just to throw myself in. Accept change, trials, and hard work. It's so crazy to believe I only have 5 more months here! Flipping mind blowing.

I'm excited that change is happening. Change is refreshing and stimulating. It gives you a chance to restart if you need to. My life is a tapestry of grace, that my God has weaved together and I'm so blessed to trust a God who never fails me. 


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