June 21, 2013

Street Style | Maroubra

Today was a wonderful day! One perk of loosing my job was the opportunity to sleep in with Micah (finding every moment to think positive haha)! We even set an alarm for 7am just so that we could say "I don't feel like working today... I'm sleeping in." since that line never works during the week. Call us weird, we don't care. Anywho, the rest of our day was pretty exciting! I put some resumes in at a few cafes and shops. None of them were hiring but I'm praying the blue hair left a solid first impression. OH! Our friends Hannah and Kyle got here today from America for college! Kyle will be in the worship stream (specifically songwriting) while his beautiful wife Hannah just lives the dream! We got coffee with them at The Baron and helped them get some things for their house. After that Micah and I ventured off to Marboubra Beach to film a local surfer for the Stay True promo video he's working on. The weather was amazingly freezing and I happened to dress nice so that's where this street style comes in. Random and not planned but here ya go!

jacket: thrifted // t-shirt: GAP, // jeans: Glassons // shoes: SYD Markets // scarf: Pac Sun // purse: Fossil Outlet

1 comment:

  1. You are so gorgeous! I'm absolutely in love with your blue hair :)
    Hope some job comes to you soon! But enjoy those sleeping in moments while you can ;)
    xo Heather