June 23, 2013

Document Today

Today (which technically by the time this is posted it will already be yesterday) was awesome. Rainy, yet awesome. Micah and I got a total nights sleep of 12 hours... yes, we feel privileged. We took our time getting ready for the day and around 1:30pm we headed out to pick up this lovely model you see above, Tabitha. She's helping us with a little segment of the Stay True promo video that Micah is working on and she KILLED IT! Tabitha is a professional dancer and is actually in the dance stream at Hillsong. We wanted to capture a lot of different skills, talents and passions for this video so I suggested getting a dancer to Micah. Needless to say it has been my favorite thing we've captured thus far. If you've ever seen hip hop dancing done in any capacity before, I can guarentee you that this chick can out dance them. The most amazing part is she's only 18 years old! WHAAAT!?  I loved meeting her and getting the priviledge to use her gift for this video. I just had to snap some pictures of her in her Badge Raglan Tee from Stay True. 

Later on in the evening we went to Sunday night church (which was poppin' as always). United is finally back from their US tour. If you got to see them, I'd love to hear some stories! It was also Heart for the House Sunday where our church gives above our normal giving to help grow our kingdom in different areas all over the world. Once church ended we headed back to our house to celebrate Jessica's birthday. As T.Swift says it best: she's feelin' 22. We bon fired, got American marshmallows, hot cocoa, and played with sparklers. It was a blast having everyone over.


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