July 27, 2013

Kinfolk presents Honey Harvest

Get ready to feast your eyes on some beautiful interior decorating. Micah and I had the incredible honor of teaming up with Studio Neon and Kinfolk Magazine to capture Kinfolk's annual worldwide Honey Harvest event in Sydney, Australia. Micah filmed while I (obviously) snapped some photos. The event was put together by the lovely Luisa Brimble and styled so nicely by the wonderful Stacy Clark. At 3pm we gathered together to hear about the business of bees. Shockingly enough, bees are pretty dang important (quit spraying them!). After that we got a lesson on infusing honey and everyone got to infuse their own jar of honey to take home with them. Lastly, we did as Kinfolk do and gathered together on a long wooden table and feasted on yummy breads, cheeses, honey (of course) and fruits. My favorite were the chocolate strawberries. I left so inspired and will now be making a trip to the flower markets and driving my husband crazy as I redecorate our entire house. If you get a chance, find out where the Honey Harvest is in your town! It's a treat!


 Just the cutest little pup you've ever seen.


  1. what an awesome opportunity!!!

  2. These are just some beautiful images Pam! Love them. I'm pinning some of them now ha ha ha.

  3. Wow the event looked amazing! Thank you for the lovely images. Ann (Whiteman Park Print Shop)