July 28, 2013

Introducing: The Daily Collab

Hello everyone!

I'm so stoked to be introducing yet another new blog series with you guys called "The Daily Collab". The Daily Collab is simply in the name. A collaboration of artists, creatives, musicians, crafters, bloggers and people of great gifting bringing their skills to the blog to share with the blogging community. I've had the amazing opportunity to team up with a wide range of creatives recently and learned about what their creativity has to offer to it's community and following. Not only are these amazing people bringing life and independence into their local areas but they're also bringing incredible creativity and uniqueness to their industry. 

It's never been my goal to make Flourishing an advertising site solely because the heart behind the blog is about helping you find beauty in yourself and what you do. The Daily Collab is a way for people who are chasing their dreams in the area of which they are beautifully gifted can share just that with the rest of the blogging community through Flourishing. I believe this will be such a fun and exciting series and will hopefully inspire that guy/girl who's itching to start their own photography business or clothing brand to actually get going and start chasing their dreams! 

Do you want to be apart of The Daily Collab? 

Click here to find out more info on how you and your creativity can collaborate with Flourishing these next couple months! 

First 5 collaborators are featured for FREE!

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