July 30, 2013

The Daily Collab | For The Good

For The Good is a screen printing & t-shirt design company based in the United States and has so amazingly offered to be the first "Daily Collab" on Flourishing. 

For The Good began in October 2011, when God had placed this vision on their heart; to use their gifts, (screen printing and design) to help others in need. For The Good wanted to use what they had already been doing for a few years to help fund organizations that help others in need. 

Their mission is simple: Print and design for the good of others in need. A portion from all sales (graphic design, screen printing, and retail sales) go towards their current goal-- various non-profits they work with throughout the year. They desire to inspire others to use their gifts, and passions to help others out. Why not do what you love while making a difference in the world? 

For the good was started by Ashley and Shawn Ulmer in 2011 but since then they've had a handful of individuals help them out, whether at a convention representing the vision, or printing for for the company. They say, "We are blessed to have a great team behind us." 

"The process starts with creating the initial design, whether a client gives an idea, or we come up with something completely original. Once the client is happy with the design we get the printing process started and ship the product when finished." - Shawn Ulmer

I asked Shawn to give one piece of advise to someone who may have a dream of starting their own business or even clothing brand and this was his response:

"If you have a dream you have a desire to pursue, just do it. God didn't create us to be mundane beings, he created us to do great things and to make an impact on this earth, not just occupy it. Live out your passion, its the greatest thing you can do."

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  1. Love your outfit!

    For the Good is a great business, I had the opportunity to meet them last year, I was working a booth beside them at a convention. It is awesome to see you featuring them on your blog to share with so many more people!