August 08, 2013

Street (re)Style | Black Hat

Originally I had planned on just making this outfit a normal Street Style post, especially since I hadn't posted one in But when I was putting it together, I couldn't figure out how to accessorize it! I started throwing on every piece of jewelry, scarf and hat I owned. I bought this hat about 2 weeks ago on a whim at the Blacktown shops near my house. It was in a home goods store that was closing down so I ended up snagging it for only $4! I put this hat on during my rampage and thought, "Hmm... how can I make this look better?" I have a flippin' impressive collection of headbands and figured I could cover up the ugly black rope that was attached to the rim of the hat with a headband. I tried every headband before I realized I just discovered an easy restyle! Now I can match my black hat with any outfit! It adds a bit more color to a boring outfit. Enjoy!

hat: random home goods store // tank: Kohls // cardigan: clothing swap // jeans: Pac Sun // shoes: Cotton On (similar)

headbands: F21UOPac SunBuckle

 Be on the look out for this beautiful necklace in the next few days to be featured in a GIVEAWAY from New Eve Jewelry!


  1. Hi,
    We would like to use this picture in our print UK fashion magazine.

    Have you got a high res you can send me, and do we have your permission to use it?

    Please email it's for a feature on adding headbands to hats.