August 10, 2013

Because I know how much you wanted to take a survey...

Hey guys! So Flourishing has been such a fun and creative project that I've been taking on these last few months. I'm so stoked about the new direction it's taken and I'm so beyond excited for the future of this blog. Being a "blogger" has been such a great avenue for me to share my stories, passions and ultimately a way to get all this creativity out of me! I've always been passionate about my readers (even though sometimes I wonder why people even would want to follow this gabfest) and I wanted to ask you to pretty please let me know who you are, where your from and what you think about Flourishing based on the time you've been reading! 

This is specifically to help me understand my readership so that I'm aware of the things that work and the things that don't work. I've realized that I don't just blog for me, but I blog for my readers. Help me help you! Cliche? Yeah I know. Anywho, you'd be doing me a solid by doing this quick survey. No matter if you've been reading for years or whether this is your very first time.

Welcome to the family!  

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