August 11, 2013

Our Not-So-Ordinary Love Story Pt.4

We're back! So sorry for the lateness. Between work, school and housework, I've had to totally refocus! Alright now, where were we... Oh yes! Micah just professed that he wanted to come with me to Australia! As excited as we both were about this idea, we had to be real. We had to consider things like: trying to live in a beautiful country, in a completely different time zone than our parents, living completely dependent from them while all just dating. I guess we knew it could've worked but it just didn't seem realistic. We prayed about the next step. I mean hard. We got advice from family and friends and it was about 50/50. Some said "Just break up and stay friends so when you get back you can pick things back up if it's meant to be". Others said, "YOLO! You're young and in love, follow your dreams and carpe diem!!" Okay maybe both were a tad exaggerated but you get the picture. We were confused, scared & slowly running out of time but we knew we wanted to be together. We both wanted to make sure that our love wasn't just temporary. After all, we're 19&21 and have been technically dating for maybe a month?

It was about a week later that God spoke to us (separately I might add). His promise to us was that if we crafted a marriage to honor Him that we would take care of us. It was very apparent throughout the few months to follow that our decision to get married was confirmation. July 25th, Micah proposed!

Here's the video announcing our engagement and summarizing our story. It's really cool getting to look back at us before our big move to Australia. Our hearts are still the same excited and crazy in love hearts they were then just now they've taken on the trials of living with 7 people in one house in Australia all within our first year of marriage. Haha! Sadly there will be no cliff hangers this week. I love getting all of the "OMG!" comments you guys leave. :) Makes me feel like a villain in a superhero movie, mwah-ha-ha!! The next (and last) post will be a tag team effort from Micah and I. We're both going to dissect the "pre-wedding" process, the things we learned going into marriage and also the things we've learned in our first year. We're even going to repost our wedding video for those of you who haven't seen it. This will be Micah's first time chiming in on the blog, so you'll DEF wanna tune in for those words of wisdom. :)

Thanks so much for tuning in each week for this mini-series. It's been so fun getting to sit back down with Micah and re-remembering how it all happened. It has been awesome sharing this with you guys and HEY! I'm one post away from completing my first blog series! Just saying, I'm the worst at committing to things creative. Sounds terrible but so true. I either get bored or move onto the next thing. You guys' excitement and interest has kept me on track! Anywho, hope you enjoy the video!


  1. WOW that was incredible. Your guys story is so outrageous, and the fact that you captured it in on film is just too cool. Thanks for sharing. Very impacting!

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  3. Hi, I'm from the UK and I've just discovered your blog and your love story and have enjoyed reading your story. On entry four I was unable to watch the proposal video due to it being privatised, is there any way for me to be able to watch the video? After reading your love story I would very much like to see how the proposal went. Thanks, Syl

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