October 21, 2013

Melbourne, I'm moving in.

As much as the title of this post reflects my deepest desires, no, I'm not moving to Melbourne. This past weekend(ish), Micah, a few friends (James and Jonny) and I made a solid 9 hour overnight drive to Northern Australia to a lovely place by the name of Melbourne. We planned on going for 2 days; leaving Sydney on Wednesday night and returning Saturday morning so the expectations of a trip that short aren't going to be too high. The main reason we planned the trip was because our dear Australia mate, Jonny, knew a guy who would hook us up with cheap (yet quality) tattoos but this trip totally exceeded my expectations. Melbourne is UH-MAZE-ING! It's full of creative, small shops and the people are so nice! Good vibes, good coffee, good sights and now since I've been tattooed there, I'm ruined for life! 

If you're ever visiting Australia, it won't be a complete trip until you go to Melbourne. Some places you need to make sure you visit when you come are:

For coffee and yummy food:
Manchester Press - Order the Pulled Pork Bagel. You won't be disappointed.
Seven Seeds - Sweet vibes and sign up for the daily "cupping".
Sensory Lab - The croissants are to die for and you'll want to make sure to get a coffee for take-away.
Downstairs - It's a lovely wine bar and bistro. We stayed at the head chef's house so high five him!
Proud Mary's - Don't get the Green Tea, yuck! But everything else is amazing. Also, the WiFi password is "bigwheelskeeponturning". 
Grill'd - Even though Micah and I didn't get to eat here due to a debit card malfunction, I stole a couple chips (or french fries for my American friends) from James and they were DELISH!
Duke - Not the coffee shop (yuck). This is a "hotel" or pub and they have the best hand-cut chips (fries). If you tell them your anniversary is the same weekend they just might let you have a free meal and beer. If not, don't tell them we told you ;)
Shanghi Village Dumplings - Best $15 all your can eat Chinese dumplings is the WORLD!

Miscellaneous fun:
The Junk Company - If you love sick antiques... Just go.
The Grand Illusion - Best tattoos in Melbourne. Ask for Josh or Lachie. Also, give Avalon a hug for me!
LARK - ADORABLE Melbourne knick-knack boutique for any creative ladies. Every shop on that street is worth stopping by.
Pickings & Parry - Gentleman's shoppe. You can grab a coffee, a quality hair cut, a new outfit and walk out a manly-man all in one shoppe. The guy that owns is also has the sickest stash I've ever seen.
The alley ways - This is pretty broad but when in the city, find the alley ways! There's a photo below that shows an example of what one will look like. There are a ton!

I hope you get to visit. You'll be ready to move in the day you arrive!


  1. you know how much i love this post, cuz you know how much i love this city. that men's store is so good! i wish we would have seen it!

  2. love your blog! and your pics are amazing! what cam do you use? :)