November 04, 2013

Taking a break

If you haven't noticed, I haven't been posting as often as I normally do. I haven't forgotten about my readers, my passion to write nor my urge to constantly create. A while ago I posted an "update" about my husband and I's journey here in Australia. Today Micah boarded a plane and headed back to America to join Rebuker on The Chariot's final tour to document for the bands participating. So needless to say, the past month has been dedicated to him and soaking in the little bit of time we had (between class and work) left before he ventured on to the States. We will be apart for 25 days and (call me a wuss) but I'm going to miss the heck out of him. The bright side is very apparent in this though. Micah is accomplishing amazing things and pursuing a career he is not only incredibly talented in, but that he's passionate about. The bright side for me is that for the next 25 days I will be living with a house of amazing ladies, a 5 minute walking distance from school and I will be able to just soak in the end of my semester in Australia to the highest extent. Sadly, I will be stepping back from my blog for the remainder of the time of me being here. BUT... I have so much planned for when I return back to the States. I can't wait to share the journey from here to America and continue to inspire through Flourishing. If you're a regular reader and would like to stay in touch or keep up with my time here in Australia, you can follow me on Instagram or befriend me on Facebook :)

See you all soon!

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