December 31, 2013

Favorites from 2013

I can't believe 2013 has already come and gone. I can honestly say that this was the most adventurous, maturing and reflective year I've had thus far. Not only has my life outside of the blog been amazing but Flourishing has been going full force for exactly one year next week!! 
Thank you to all of my amazing readers who have made this experience fun for me and who have made Flourishing what it is today. As intimidating as it is to have a platform such as this, I'm honored to have been able to pour beauty and worth into each and every person who's stumbled upon this blog at one point or another.

Here are a few of my favorite posts from 2013.
Kinfolk Honey Harvest
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Married Life at Hillsong College
S+D Trash the Dress Shoot
Homemade Eucalyptus Scrub
Street Style | Maroubra
Our Love Story Series

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