January 23, 2014

Staying Cozy | 5 Tips

Lately, it's been so incredibly hard for me to stay warm! I work a lot from home and typically hate running my heat all day but lately I've been suffering a harsh case of the shivers. I've always been more of a summer gal. I'd even take spring and fall before winter. Once Christmas has come and gone I'm counting down the days til warm weather again (and I don't even live in a State that gets snow!). Working from home, I've realized that when I'm freezing it's super hard to be productive. It's definitely much easier to lay in my warm, cozy bed an extra hour and catch up on a new episode of Freaks and Geeks (which is totally our favorite Netflix show right now!) BUT the bills have to get paid and I need to get my butt to work. 

So with this being said, I figured I'd share a few really simple practical ways to "warm up" with out running up that expensive heat bill.

01. Shower right when you wake up. Nothing beats a nice hot shower when you're freezing cold. Taking a shower in when you first wake up adjusts your body temperature to withstand cold weather and most of the time I'm burning up after one. 

02. Blow dry your hair. You can do this one with wet or dry hair. Anytime I need a quick warm up, I just grab the blow drier and run it over my hair for a bit while making a quick detour by my feet and face before I turn it off. I'm very pro air drying when it comes to having healthy hair, but sometimes, "ain't nobody got time fo dat" and you just need to warm up a bit quicker.

03. Wear socks. Okay I know ya'll think I'm really stupid for pointing out the obvious but I don't sleep in socks and rarely do I ever wake up and think "Oh, let me put on some socks before I step onto that chilly hardwood floor". I've become quite the sock connoisseur this winter. I even double up sometimes! For most people, your feet are normally the thermometer of the rest of your body. So if your feet are cold, chances are, the rest of you will be too.

04. Drink hot tea or coffee. This one is easy and delicious. Don't bother waiting to run to Starbucks or that local coffee shop to get warm. Make your own right from your house. That way when you finally get around to getting out in that cold weather, you already have that hot drink in your hands.

05. Do a load of laundry. Now this one seems a little weird, but hear me out. Folding clothes, hanging them up, ironing... all of this requires physical work. You're body is warming up simply just by you moving around. And the best part of this is you're being productive while you're doing it! Oh yes, and make sure when you pull that load of warm towels out of the drier that you snuggle up in them for a minute. You won't regret it.

What are some of your favorite ways to get warm quick and easy? I'd love to know!

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