April 06, 2013

Street Style | Overcast

Yay!! It's officially our 2nd guest Street Style post! Our lovely model for this shoot is my Aussie friend Lauren. We met through Micah and mutual friends prior to my arrival in Australia and I knew we would "hit it off" once we met in person. You'll absolutely love her and her overcast photo shoot. :)

Introducing: Lauren Clucas

Hat: Ruby Shoes, Top: Cotton On, Jeans: Bardot, Sweater: Target.AU, Trench: SES
Ring: Vintage, Bracelet: Tiffany & Co., Booties: Payless Shoes


I’m Lauren-Maree Clucas, Aussie chick from Sydney. I grew up in “the hills” corner of Sydney and always found myself outdoors either riding a horse or a surfboard. I was so excited when Pam asked me to do a shoot with her. Besides having an epic day with someone fun, Pam also gave me the reigns of where our shoot was. Today’s shoot was at ‘Rouse Hill Regional Park’ which, growing up, is where I rode horses. In my early to teen years I trained in show jumping and cross country, and this park was always a fun release at the end of training where we would go to have a gallop and sometimes even a swim with the horses. For me, horse riding was a release from the world, it was my “Grace Zone” and I love that I got to share that today.  
My love for the ocean will be seen in upcoming shoots…. ;)

I’m currently studying a degree in contemporary ministry (theology) at Alphacrucis College through Hillsong College. I've also been serving in the Wildlife Youth Ministry for the past 4 years. I love being apart of something that is investing into the next generation.

Growing up, I always had an interest in Aid and Development and Missions, and through this degree I hope to eventually work alongside a charity in which Aids community development in developing countries.

This shoot is very much my everyday style… I love something that is comfy, but can be worn in a versatile way. The tight pants with the slouchy or “baggy” sweater is a key style of mine, and you will always find me in an array of blues, whites and grays… Oh, and I LOVE hats!

Until next time….

Work hard, play hard.
By the way, Australian playgrounds are LE-GIT.

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